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Exceptional cremation urns from the hands of artists meticulously crafted for people and pets.
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Don Johnson - I was initially exposed to working with clay in Junior High School. I did not work with clay again until attending college in the mid 1970ís. During my college years I worked and trained as a lab technician for the college as well as a commercial pottery studio. From 1976 to 1979 I owned and operated a production studio producing various types of functional ware for a number of retail stores. In 1979 my focus changed to a career in the computer industry and helping raise our family.

I resumed working with clay in 1999 after having reconnected with my college ceramics mentor. At that time I concentrated on various techniques to produce large pots and table bases limited in size solely by my kiln. To differentiate my work on the large pieces I specialized in combining multiple clay bodies to yield a marbled effect exhibiting the natural colors of the clay.

In 2002 my father became ill and he asked me to make his urn and I have been making urns since. Today, in addition to urns I also produce Thin Shell Saggar, Raku and functional ware. The functional ware frequently incorporates the use of multiple glazes and under glazes to achieve specific effects.

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