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Graduating with an art degree from San Jose State I began as a weaver. I continue to weave for specific exhibitions, commissions as well as producing a limited number of wearable items .

1997 was when I started experimenting with different hand dyed silks, layering them and playing with many color combinations. This was the groundwork for my line of silk abstracts which have been my primary focus since 2003. 2005 was the year I introduced my silk on canvas.  Since 2000 my energies have been directed to exhibiting and marketing  at fine art shows.

My work draws heavily on the play of light and shadow across the texture of fabrics with each piece changing color and character as the day unfolds. These abstracts are designed from color, no drawing or sketching, just creating with various weights of hand dyed, high quality silk. The process that is used to dye these fabrics and the way that the pieces are assembled give them their painterly quality. Using individual strips of silk adds to their dimensional appearance. My pieces are presented matted and framed, as well as on canvas.   My work can be seen at various art venues in California, Artworks Gallery Grass Valley Ca, or  my Nevada City studio by appointment.


I am captivated by fiber as a means of artistic expression. Being a tactile person is the drawing force to my working in this medium. I love playing with color. Utilizing the wonderful palette available only through hand dying and creating these collages make life a bit more joyful!